We received an email enquiry from Oswestry from a lovely lady who had problems with her ceramic tiled floor in her kitchen and hallway so we arranged a free quotation with her.

During the survey, we discussed what is the main problem with the floor and what sort of end result she is expecting. We then cleaned a section to demonstrate what can be achieved. She was really pleased to see how clean the tile become and the original colour of the grout can be restored.

Cleaning Ceramic Tiles

The Free quotation / Survey is not only good for the customer to see how well the floor would come up, it is also a great opportunity for us to determine what type of product is working the best in that particular situation. Different soil types need different products, but in this particular case, we needed an alkaline product with a built in degreaser to deal with the problem.

We applied the cleaning solution then left it to dwell on the surface and start breaking down the ingrained dirt and grease. We then agitated it in with our specialist machine, then to get the best result we scrubbed the grout lines with a grout brush. After each section had been thoroughly cleaned we rinsed the whole area twice to neutralise any remaining residue. Once the floor was dry it was in its “like new” condition again as the pictures show below.

Further options

There are other things can be done to the floor which in this case the home owner did not want doing.

Sometimes the grout discoloured and that discolouration can not be removed with cleaning. In other cases the home owner does not like the colour of the grout anymore. Luckily we have solution for these occasions too.

Ceramic Tile Cleaning in Oswestry
Ceramic Tile Cleaning in Oswestry Before
Ceramic Tile Cleaning in Oswestry Before
Ceramic Tile Cleaning after

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