We received a call from a lady in Telford who had a ceramic tiled floor in her property and needed help to bring it back to life.


As mentioned above, this customer in Telford has a ceramic tiled kitchen and utility room floor where the tiles and grout were very grubby with years of ingrained dirt and the homeowner felt that bringing the floor back to life was beyond their capabilities.

When I visited the customer to provide a quote I mentioned that it is possible to re-colour the grout if they are not happy with the existing one for any reason. They were interested in the option so with their permission I have cleaned then re-coloured 3 small sections with 3 different colours to help them choose the one they preferred.

On the day we booked in for the work I thoroughly cleaned the floor in both areas concentrating mainly on the grout. After this, I had to treat the grout with a specialist product that makes the grout colourant adhere even better. The next step was to dry the floor. Once it was dry, I proceeded with the colouring process which took a little while but the finished result made it worthwhile.

They were so delighted with the final result that they admitted that the floor was cleaned professionally before but never was it this clean. They also mentioned that the new colour of the grout makes the whole room appear a lot brighter.

Apart from changing the colour of the grout without actually replacing it, there is another advantage to it too. The product used is epoxy based therefore if it is applied correctly, it acts as a sealer making the grout more resistant to staining.

With hard work and know-how, we had another happy customer.


Ceramic-Floor-Before-Cleaning-in-Telford 2

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