Victorian tiled floor Wrexham

The Victorian geometric tiled hallway floor in this post needed some well-deserved attention.

We had the pleasure to carry out work on a Victorian hallway floor for a lovely customer in Wrexham. The enquiry started the same as most of the enquiries but it turned out to be more interesting.

About the floor itself

The old Victorian house was separated in the past for a number of years. When the new owner bought the property, they wanted to make it one house again. They had the intention to restore it back to its former glory. When the house was divided into two flats, the hallway was separated too to provide a separate entrance for the flats. The floor in both sides had been covered with laminate flooring. When the new owner lifted the worn laminate boards, they realised that they found a real gem. Luckily, the beautiful Victorian geometric tiled floor underneath was in good structural condition. Due to previous finishes that failed and the fact that it was covered for a number of years, the floor looked pretty neglected though.

Victorian Hallway Floor Cleaning

Due to the many coats of old sealer and finishes, it took a while to bring the tiles back to life. By stripping and cleaning the floor it got to the cleanest possible state. As these are both wet processes and as these floors do not have damp proof membrane underneath result in a fairly lengthy drying time. This Victorian hallway floor needed almost a week to dry out properly.

Victorian Hallway Floor Sealing

Once the floor was dry enough, I was able to apply a premium quality impregnating sealant. This is the best option for any Victorian hallway floor as it doesn’t form any coating over the surface. This sealer enhances the beautiful depth of colours of the clay tiles with the added benefit of being fully breathable. Breathability is a must with these old floors to avoid further problems caused by moisture. The pictures below show how the floor looked before we started working on it and after the work was completed and the floor was sealed.

Victorian tiled floor Wrexham
Victorian tiled floor Wrexham

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